A Workgroup exists within a broader environment that includes all external resources needed to complete an end-to-end baselined process. In Shuttle, this environment is known as the Ecosystem. An ecosystem can encompass systems of record, participants, external workgroups, networks, infrastructure or hosting environments. Initial ecosystem component configuration is included in the workgroup onboarding process, though additional items, such as systems and domain models can be added after workgroup creation.
Secure storage for encrypted keys & secrets
External systems of record; i.e. SAP
System data structures as they relate to a BPI
zkProof finality network layers
Enterprise payments gateway

Components Tray

Accessing the ecosystem tray as an operator
Ecosystem components can be accessed via the ecosystem components tray in the navigation menu. To expand the tray, click the cog in the upper right corner of the interface, then select the component you wish to view or modify. Selecting a component will open a modal containing current configuration details. Depending on your role in a given Workgroup (Operator or Participant), the options available in the component tray may vary.