Universal Business Token
The Unibright ERC-20 utility token (UBT) is becoming the "Universal Business Token" as part of an upgrade to the underlying token model based on learnings, in part, from Unibright's ongoing collaboration with Provide on projects such as Baselining the North America Coca-Cola Bottling Supply Chain. Enterprises are ready to make tangible use of the public blockchain, and this represents a significant opportunity for UBT.
Provide Payments UBT Token Model Integration

What is UBT?

    UBT is a voucher representing a limited license to use certain products and services.
    🔥UBT is an integration gas, used by Provide Payments, to facilitate enterprise procurement of public blockchain services.

How is UBT used as a software license?

    Customers must make an initial deposit of UBT with the platform, in an amount equal to the total fees due in accordance with the pricing indicated for each product and service listed here, by sending a transaction to a designated wallet managed by a professional custody service.
    Each billing period, Customer pays again <-- fiat or UBT

How is UBT used as an integration gas?

    🔥Provide Payments exposes a Managed Transactions API which calculates the amount of UBT needed to cover the underlying blockchain transaction costs (i.e., gas) at runtime, based on the current exchange rate of UBT against the native cryptocurrency of the target network (i.e. ETH). A hot wallet managed by a professional custodian service is used to fund transactions which are broadcast by Provide on behalf of customers using the API. Customers are billed in arrears on the first of each month for their usage during the previous month.

How do I get UBT?

What happens to UBT deposited with the platform?

    Half (50%) of the UBT is earmarked to provide liquidity to the integration gas service.
    Half (50%) of the UBT is locked for the duration of the license or services engagement.
The amount of UBT on the open market decreases until all tokens are locked in the platform. In the event a customer is unable to purchase UBT due to no circulating supply, Provide Payments will facilitate the purchase of the required UBT from custodial wallets.


Kyber Network
Uniswap (v2)
This is not an exhaustive list of exchanges that have listed UBT.

Products & Services

The following products and services may require customers to make an initial UBT deposit and/or incur recurring fees based on transaction volume, of which some of these fees may require payment in UBT. How these fees are calculated depends on which products and services a customer uses during a given billing period and how pricing works for those products and services.
Initial Deposit
Variable Fees
Enterprise Connector
see calculator
$0.14 per transaction
see calculator
$0.014 per transaction
Lifecycle Manager
see calculator
$0.14 per transaction
Provide Core API
Provide KYC
variable; from $0.50 per transaction
Provide Payments
gas + 20% markup¹
Provide Privacy
Provide Shuttle
Provide Vault
Unibright Freequity
variable; depends on licensing model
Unibright Solutions
50% off time and materials if paid in UBT
Workflow Designer
see calculator
¹ The cost of gas plus markup fees incurred when using the Managed Transactions API are billed in arrears and always expressed in terms of the customer's choice of fiat currency.
The above list of products and services which support or require payment in UBT will be updated from time to time.
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