The Framework consists of the following modular components:
Baseline Proxy
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Enterprise Connector
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Deprecated Components

The Unibright Framework has been fully-ingested into the Provide stack. During this process, several framework components were deprecated and replaced by existing Provide components.
The following components which were part of the Unibright framework have been deprecated and removed:

Workflow Designer

A no-code editor for business process automation enabling citizen developers to define how smart contracts, oracles, zero-knowledge circuits and other advanced privacy protocols interact with domain models and related constraints, allowing advanced integration in existing enterprise workflows.

Lifecycle Manager

Generates code and API interfaces automatically and publishes them to the configured ledger and technology stack.

Enterprise Connector

Connects off-chain systems like SAP and other ERP systems and integrates additional APIs or background services such as oracles, if needed.


Visualizes the ongoing process, by including process data, metadata and metrics from all data sources involved.
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