Provide Baseline is an API Suite for integrating systems of record, curating enterprise ecosystems and managing zero-knowledge workflows within a baseline context. Provide Baseline bundles the architecture, components and functionality necessary for baselining with REST API availability and the scalability and adaptability of a web3 infrastructure. Additional features have been incorporated into the framework that increase usability, decrease on-ramp delays and further expand the capabilities of the standard.
The Baseline Protocol is a process standard for using blockchain or distributed ledger technology as a common frame of reference between two or more disparate systems. Enforcing real time data-reciprocity between ERPs, databases or state machines, or amongst other distributed technologies allows participants to verify counterparty data integrity throughout any business process. It is particularly promising as a way to reduce capital expense and other overheads while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies.
Provide Baseline can be run locally, in hybrid ecosystems and is available for general use in Provide's production environment.


A CLI-based quickstart is available for getting started with a local instance of Provide Baseline here.


enables persistent data correlation for disparate systems of record
collection of shared resources for organization that share business processes
prototype of a business processes; composed of worksteps
execution of a Workflow
prototype of a stepwise operation
execution of a Workstep


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Baseline Protocol

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