Status Codes

Status Codes

The following status codes describe Provide API responses:
Status Code
200 OK
The request was successful
201 Created
The request was successful and a new entity was created
202 Accepted
The request was successfully accepted and processing will complete asynchronously
204 No Content
The request was successful but did not return a response
401 Unauthorized
The request required an API Authorization header, or one was provided which could not be authenticated
403 Forbidden
The supplied API Authorization header does not have permission to access the requested resource
404 Not Found
Platform did not find the requested resource
429 Too Many Requests
The request was not accepted due to exceeding the rate limit
500 Internal Server Error
The request resulted in an internal error during processing
501 Not Implemented
The requested resource is not implemented by the platform
503 Service Unavailable
The request cannot be fulfiled due to temporary unavailability of a backend service
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